Maharashtra High School,Kolhapur was founded on 13th June 1960.It is the first educational branch that the sanstha started paving way for mass education.Late Balasaheb Desai, the ,then Minister Of Maharashtra for School education granted permission to Maharashtra HighSchool,Kolhapur with Technical subject.

Why the name Maharashtra High School ?

On 1st May 1960 the State of Maharashtra was founded. Therefore the working committee of the Sanstha passed a resolution stating the High School be named as Maharashtra High School, Kolhapur. Today Maharashtra High School is known as one of the best Technical High schools. We had the honour to inaugurate the High School at the hands of Late Y.P.Powar and Late Mhadaba Mestri, two legends of industrial revolution in Kolhapur.


In the year 1964 Hon.D.B.Patil Sir was given the responsibility to be the Head Master of Maharashtra High School and really mission Maharashtra High School started.Hon. D.B.Patil Sir remained Head Master from 1964 to 1993.D.B. Patil Sir,a great visionary, known for his disciplined work, effective administration brought about entire revival in the field of education. All kinds of infrastructure and facilities were made available by him with the help of Sanstha. Therefore even today Maharashtra High School is known as one of the best multi purpose Schools in Maharashtra State. The motto of our School is ‘Bhahujan Hitay, Bhaujan Sukhay ‘ which means ‘in the welfare of masses lies the happiness of all.’

Academic Success

The graph of the result of our school has been continuously rising. So far 10 students of our school have achieved place in the merit list of SSC Board. 74 students have been selected for Military School through our guidance. Our students have secured sound position in almost all types of competitive exams such as NTS,MTS,MATHS etc. Our students have achieved grand success in NCC,RSP,MCC,SCOUT & GUIDE etc. And what not! ------students of our school have bagged many awards in almost all fields such as Science exhibition,competitions of drawing and arts,natya wachan, one- act play, essay writing, elocution competition, general knowledge etc.


A separate fund of Rs.125000/- has been created to promote sports activities. The students taking part in various sports activities are provided with nutritious food after their regular practice.Our sportsmen have won laurels in Football, Basketball and Handball competitions. Many of our football players and basket-ball players have reached National Level.Our team has secured the first three ranks around 41 times. Our football team has represented more than 43 times as 1st Ranker in Maharashtra. More than 140 foot-ball players have been selected for National Level competition. 9 players of our school have been selected for International Tournaments. In Basket-ball we have achieved place in first three ranks 11 times. 14 Basket-ball players have been selected for National level tournaments so far.In Hand-ball our team has participated more than 29 times at the State level competitions.More than 35 hand-ball players have been selected for National level tournaments.

Our students have achieved bright success in almost all types of sports’ activities such as Gymnasium, wrestling, shooting, chess, judo, swimming , stick fighting, fencing, archery.In all these sports/games around 39 students have reached National level.Many of our students have received scholarships from Sport Authority of India,New Delhi. Oh! …… we really feel proud that our school is known as “ The mother of foot-ball in Kolhapur”.

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