Sr.No Name Designation
1. Mr.Tibe P.G. Head Cleark
2. Mr.Killedar S.S. Sr.Clerk
3. Mr. Burud P.B. Jr.Clerk
4. Mr.Desai U.P. Jr.Clerk
5. Mr.Magar S.P. Jr.Clerk
6. Mr.Patil S.M. Laibrarian
7. Mrs. Desai R.S. Part Time Librarian
8. Mr.Chandane S.B. Peon
9. Mr.Kambale M.V. Peon
10. Mrs.Bhopale C.B. Peon
11. Mr.Tibe S.T. Peon
12. Mrs. Matiwadda U.V. Peon
13. Mr.Walvekar S.B. Peon
13. Mr.Aswale B.R. Peon
14. Mr.Murgude G.R. Peon
15. Mr.More S.B. Peon
Junior College
Sr.No Name Designation
1. Mr.Powar S.R. Lab Assistant
2. Mr.Kumbhar A.S. Lab Assistant
3. Mr.Khopade Y.P. Lab Attendent
Technical Section
Sr.No Name Designation
1. Mr.Banage N.S. Ju.Clerk
2. Mr.Manjare M.D. Peon
Higher Secondary Vocational Course
Sr.No Name Designation
1. Mr.Mane P.B. Peon

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