It is my great pleasure to reach out to the students, parents and the entire society through this website.

Maharashtra High School Kolhapur is the first educational branch that our Sanstha started as a Technical school in the year1960. During the year 2009-10 we celebrated the Golden Jubilee Year of Maharashtra High School. It is multi purpose school imparting academic, technical, agriculture, vocational and computer education. This website throws more light on the various distinguishing features about this school.

In this age of globalization the students are required to possess multi skills in different areas of life so as to stand on their feet anywhere in the world. The specialty of our Sanstha is that it has made quality education accessible to all, rich and poor pupils . I believe that our students are the most valuable and creative assets of our nation. I strongly believe that personality and character of a society can be changed to great extent by education and that starts from the school education. Our education system as it stands today needs to be transformed, and transforming our education is really the key to transforming India’s destiny. Our government needs to invest more funds to revive the entire education system so as to expand the horizon of students as they are going to face globalization. We must encourage the students to communicate their ideas and experience with the society. We achieve remarkable result if we channelize the potential of our students properly.Today,the need of the hour is what we call it as teaching beyond the four walls of the class-room. That is why we in Maharashtra High School promote every activity of the students like sports,drama,singing and many more along with the routine study, so as to make them fit to accept every challenge and withstand every circumstances that may come across in their lives.Today there are many evil practices in the society such as corruption, superstitions and many more which need to be totally eradicated,and that can only happen when teachers,parents and students come together and make determined efforts.

Equipped with excellent infrastructure and highly motivated and dedicated teaching staff , the school has been imparting high quality education to the students of surrounding area, especially for the masses for the past 50 years and has created a niche for itself among the best schools in the State.

I congratulate the Principal, teachers and staff of the school, for their commitment and dedication towards the students to make them better citizens of the nation.

Thanking you.

K.G. Patil
Shri Prince Shivaji Maratha Boarding House,Kolhapur.

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